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"Within 2 weeks I noticed a big improvement in my reflux"

Soon after drinking Life Energy Water® ( within 2 weeks) I noticed a big improvement in my reflux. I no longer needed to take any drugs for acid burning. Another problem went at the same time, burning with passing urine. Neither problem has returned and I put this down to alkaline water.

Mrs S. S( Brisbane) 13.Sept 2005

"I have been amazed at how many comments I’ve received about how healthy my skin looks"

I have been drinking Life Energy Water® for about six months now. Besides enjoying the refreshing taste of the water, I have been amazed at how many comments I’ve received about how healthy my skin looks.

Kerrie B. ( Brisbane) 6th May 2005

"I wake up with No Hangover whatsover! "

I can drink 1 bottle of red wine on a friday night and wake up at 5am and go surfing for 3 hours. The only way I can do this is by drinking 1.5 litres of Life Energy Water whilst I am drinking the wine!! I wake up with no hangover whatsoever! Without Life Energy Water I could kiss my friday night wine and saturday morning surf goodbye!!!"

Ben Nothling. (Noosaville) Apr 2007
"If you struggle with reflux or stomach problems – just try it for 1 week and see the difference – you’ll never look back".

I have been drinking ‘Life Energy Water®’ now for about two months. I have suffered from Gastro-oesophageal-reflux-disease (GERD) for about 15 months prior. I was taking medication – antacid tablets- daily to relieve the symptoms. Although I was taking medication I still experienced nausea, fatigue and a general feeling of unwellness from the moment I woke up.

I first tasted the water when I was at a morning tea. Kate had bought us all a bottle to try. I was feeling my usual nausea this morning, but within half and hour of drinking the water, I felt better and even ate something.

Finding out a carton of 10 bottles cost $30, after checking with my husband I decided to give it a go, with the hope that it would help me with my quality of life.

I drank Life Energy Water® exclusively for a week. The first thing I noticed was when I woke up, I didn’t feel sick and I could even eat breakfast. Next I noticed how much ENERGY I had. I didn’t feel the need to sleep during the day like the last 15 months. I had the energy to cook proper meals, and I even cleaned out my pantry and painted the toilet!! When I ran out of water, I started drinking normal water to see what would happen. Those 3 days were terrible – back to nausea, fatigue and medication. Well, needless to say I rang back and requested 6 more boxes of Life Energy Water®.

I haven’t been on the medication now for 2 months. I have so much energy and I do not supplement with any other water, except in tea or the odd occasion. I feel like my quality of life is priceless. I told my doctor (about the water and no medication) when I saw her last week and she said, it is balancing out all the excess acid in my body.

And it is so much cheaper than medication, naturopathy, noni juice, and other ‘ health’ alternatives.

I thank God I found ‘Life Energy Water®’ and for Kate and Stewart for promoting it so people can find out.

If you struggle with reflux or stomach problems – just try it for 1 week and see the difference – you’ll never look back.

Kym K. (Indooroopilly, Brisbane) 15 July 2005

"Super Dog Scruffy loves his Life Energy Water"

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